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Aerial View of an Estate Home

District Realty Group (DRG) offers comprehensive residential and commercial real estate solutions throughout Southern California. We deliver unmatched levels of service and market expertise to our valued clients. DRG agents leverage some of the most advanced proprietary marketing platforms, giving us and our clients a substantial edge on their investments. As an innovative boutique real estate firm, we empower our agents with better tools and in-house support, allowing them more time to service their clients' needs. With a tech-driven mindset of a startup and the sophisticated practices of a global corporate brand, District Realty Group is becoming a recognized industry leader.

Getting What You Paid For

Unlike many firms, when District Realty Group obtains a new listing, we understand it is the signing Broker’s specific responsibility to execute and perform. We never pass our work onto junior associates or runners, whereas most competitors are encouraged to. 


DRG has curated the sharpest, most creative professionals in the real estate industry. Our closing rate is almost 100% for both residential and commercial sales and lease transactions. 

Modern Office
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